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Here at SD Racing we understand that our customers may not be able to dedicate the time needed to travel to our facility for a custom dyno tune. To accommodate your busy schedule we are now offering an E-Tuning solution to fit with your needs. With our years of experience tuning the Subaru EJ and FA engine platforms we can provide you with proper mapping for your engine to give you safe and reliable performance increases.

E-Tuning: $350
Our E-tuning service is designed for those customers that want a map tailor made for their vehicle. Whether you have minor bolt-on upgrades or a big turbo build, this is as custom as it gets.

  • Wideband O2 sensors installed and calibrated properly.
  • We only work with Deatschwerks, Fuel Injector Clinic, and Injector Dynamics fuel injectors because of their quality and reliability.

To receive an E-Tune, fill out

Additional Requirements:
  • Cobb AP or EcuFlash with a Tactrix cable for Open Source.
  • Aftermarket parts installed properly.
  • Vehicle is mechanically sound with no boost/vacuum leaks, fluid leaks, or damaged parts. It is up to you to ensure your vehicle is tune ready.

It is up to you as the customer to be able to flash tunes into your vehicle and properly datalog if you are receiving an E-Tune. We are not responsible for any mechanical issues that may arise due to improper maintenance, improper installation of parts, or abuse.